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A simple and fun activity to engage your child and teach them the importance of money in our lives. This book teaches discipline, delayed gratification, and how good it feels to give to those in need.

Dimes can teach your child the habits that will allow them to have a more financially secure and fulfilling life.

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Chosen Cover

When you are adopted you are different but different special. Being an adopted child myself, I wanted to create a caring and enjoyable way for a family to explain to adopted children just how they came to be and how their coming to be might be different from other children they know or meet.

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I don’t want Virus just to be a book that you read. This is an experience that we will share together, as you learn what it takes to develop your own Human Factor (more on this in a moment) and use it to spread the great news about your company.

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Tattoo cover

Because now more than ever, word-of-mouth advertising "Buzz Marketing" is the only advertising that really works.

Turn passionate customer service into advocate marketing for your business.

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